It’s Whisky A-Go-Go!

It’s with great delight and pleasure that we’re now listing whiskies here on the site. For some time they’ve become increasingly popular here in our Stratford-upon-Avon shop… so we’re now providing access from our online shop to a comprehensive range malts. These are from both established producers as well as new boutique distilleries. Check out our whisky category […]

New Year approaches…

As always, no need to hesitate… Christmas just gives way to celebrating the NEW YEAR! We have the right bubbles to make your evening really ‘fizz’. Please check out our selection where you’ll find a range of champagnes, carefully selected, to provide superb quality and at every price point. Don’t risk the supermarket offers… buy […]

Salcombe comes to Stratford

This is really exciting! With a coastal based boutique distillery producing gin of this quality, we’ve been delighted to create shelf space for it in our shop. And now we’re making it available here online. Quite simply, this is beautifully balanced. Salcombe Gin produce their ‘Start Point’ with juniper and fresh citrus notes (grapefruit) combined with spices. They certainly show […]

Are you getting 4g coverage?

It’s business as normal here at Vin Neuf, whatever the political or weather out there… so we would like to showcase several white wines that are ideal summer drinking. It’s all about 4G… no not some international telecoms company trying to improve your service… it’s about us providing coverage of these are 4 grape varieties that […]

Honey and beer, what’s not to love?

Hiver was born out of an admiration for London’s urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer. Using only British ingredients and suppliers, Hiver ferment with raw honeys to produce their range, which offers a great interpretation of this fantastic beer style. Now available in our shop are the Hiver Honey Ale and Hover Honey Beer. So, please hurry along […]

Domain Montrose Prestige Rosé

This is their second vintage of this new Cuvée Rosé and although it might not at first appear cheap, this wine really over delivers, not just in its stylish glass stopper designed bottle, but the fruit is from older vines, better concentration and very small proportion has seen a few months oak ageing to add […]

Shakespeare needs celebrating!

This weekend… don’t forget to celebrate! It is of course Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary We have wonderful beers from the local Shakespeare Brewery: Macbeth, The Tempest, Othello (£3.25 each) also locally, from the Shakespeare Distillery – Stratford Gin (£35) Please don’t forget to try our Australian Sauvignon Hollick ‘The Bard’ now £10.95 (nrp £11.95)