Domaine Montrose Rosé 2016 has arrived

You may or may not know, but this is the first wine we shipped some 15 years ago now. When we set up Vin Neuf, I was talking to an old University friend and she said we should go and see her brother, Michel le Goeac.

We duly flew out to Montpellier and met with Bernard Coste, the owner of Domaine Montrose, along with Michel (her brother) the winemaker. Bernard has since recently been joined by his son Olivier. They make excellent vin de pays wines that you simply want to drink, and that offer great value. Their red blend of Merlot, Syrah & Grenache is also the perfect red for the summer months, which has lovely fruit and acidity and not too tannic. The unoaked Chardonnay is clean ‘appley’ and gorgeous.

We unloaded the latest pallet from Domaine Montrose just the other week at our warehouse and are thrilled with the 2016 rosé… and hope you are too!

It displays a delicate pale salmon pink colour and offers notes of crushed red fruits. It also comes in all shapes and sizes… 75cl, 150cl, 300cl and 3 Litre BIBs (Bag in Boxes). It is the perfect summer wine!