New Wines… new countries

We are always looking for the new undiscovered little gems in the vinous world. However, there are some instances where the wines have been around for millenia but just not won the ‘hearts and minds’ of the wider wine consumer market, a key example being that of Greece.  This is certainly a country that is now producing some exciting, quality wines.

If you can put all their current financial mess to one side for a moment (they would love to), you might like to give your European allies a little helping hand, rather than bailing them out; buy one or two bottles of their wines.

Look beyond Retsina and you will find a number of excellent quality red and white wines from regions of Nemea, Attica and the island of Santorini and beyond. We already have a few… and an expanding range. Please see below:

Domaine Papagiannakos Savatiano

Gerovassilou Viognier

Gaia Assytriko Wild Ferment

Hungary and Slovenia are also producing some really superb wines, so do please keep an eye out for new winers listings…