September News

I was looking back at the blog we posted at a similar time last year to ensure that I was not duplicating myself some 12 months later. Ironically it mentioned a ‘hose pipe ban’ – which I don’t believe is something any of us have been spending time worrying about this year!

I do hope that despite the weather’s best intentions to muck things up (literally) you’ve managed to have some decent summer holiday time, be it here or abroad.

I do hope that despite the weather’s best intentions to muck things up (literally) you’ve managed to have some decent summer holiday time, be it here or abroad.

My second favourite month of the year, after May is soon upon us. September I feel is a month of quiet reflection of what has past as we take a deep breathe and gear ourselves up once more for what is to come in the final quarter of the year; as children slowly but surely return to school and the morning/evening routine returns (some of it enjoyable, some of it less so) – and all this despite our best intentions to cling onto that glass of chilled rosé wine, the nights are nevertheless drawing in!

Whilst this year we didn’t make annual pilgrimage to the south of France as a family, I am lucky enough to be heading out to southern Rhone in a few weeks to visit a few wineries and vineyards with the team from Boutinot wines, so will report back on that trip in October.

If you have not visited the shop in a while, we have had several new wines in over the summer from all around the world. In particular we continue to strengthen our already exciting Italian, from the south of Italy with Fiano and Greco blends and a delightful Pecorino from the Marche by Fantini.

This month will also see some exciting new organic wines from Italy also from the Marche region a Trebbiano, a Nebbiolo rose and Nebbiolo blend from the north Piedmonte producer Tenute Sella, or more precisely Coste della Sesia (a larger region north of Barolo that incorporates the communes of Gattinara, Lessona, Ghemme).

Also a new and seriously good Chianti Classico from Poggio Scalette.

From South Africa, we have a new limited edition barrel aged Chardonnay called ‘Somewhat Known’ and ‘Seriously Old Dirt’ from Vilafonte.

The owner and winemaker kindly visited us back in July and we were blown away by their small yet focused range of 3 wines.

We then have a new Muscadet sur Lie from Francis Menard, a red Sancerre from Dom du Pre Semele and of course our new wines from South-west France, Domaine Capmartin, with their Agrumes & Caetera being a natural white wine made from a blend of the local grapes, along with Gros & Petit Manseng and Guy’s La Cuvée du Couvent Tannat Madiran, which is a breathe of fresh air compared to the historic dark intense tannic reds; whilst this is bold and perfumed it has great depth and approachable i.e. you can drink and enjoy it now, rather than wait 10 years and then be disappointed that the wine is still as chewy and unpleasant as when you last tasted it!

Fear not, none of their wine are like that, we do promise!

Furthermore, if you don’t believe me you can ask Bryn on 15th September when he hosts a tasting for us in our shop cellars. Do book now to avoid disappointment!