Lustau East India Solera Sherry


This sherry was a great revelation to me at the end of last year; and whilst it may be most popular during Christmas festivities the old adage ‘a dog is not just for Christmas it’s for life‘ and I really feel this should be adopted for sherry as well. As I type, we have a 1/2 opened bottle in our fridge at home and I have even managed to convert Mrs .R to the wondrous delights sherry has to offer!

Made of 80% Palomino and sweetened with 20% Pedro Ximenez (PX).  The grapes are matured separately in its own solera for 12 years. Once blended together the resulting sherry is returned to a cask for a further 3 years ageing.

So with my American accent on… you do the Math… this little beauty is at least 15 years old! With so much love & care and for just £15.95, it’s one of the most undervalued drinks.

Dark mahogany, amber notes, intense maple syrup and spices on the palate, stewed raisins in chocolate, prunes all come through. Serve 10-12 deg C.


20% vol. with 134 grams of residual sugar.

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