S A Prum Blue Riesling, Mosel 2021


We were lucky enough to taste through a range of Saskia’s wines on her recent trip to the UK – and thrilled to add this to the list.

Whilst the PRUM family has an impressive history and name (from 1156!), it is probably more than likely you will have heard and tasted J.J Prum rather than S.A Prum.

The vineyard’s namesake, Sebastian Alois Prüm (1794-1871), owned 17 hectares in the mid 19th century, the largest privately-owned wine estate on the Mosel at the time. His great grandson Raimund (1950 – present), inherited in 1971 and then in in the summer of 2017, passed the estate to his daughter Saskia, already a qualified winemaker.

The wine is made from grapes from the vineyards above the town of Bernkastel with soil of ‘blue slate’, hence its name ‘blue’.

The grapes are picked by hand from mid-October and de-stemmed before undergoing 12 hours of maceration on the skins. The juice is slowly fermented by wild yeast in stainless steel tanks and remains for minimum time of 6 months in lees contact before bottled with screw cap.

5.5 grams residual sugar makes it verging on off dry – but has amazing acidity that cleans the palate and keeps the wine fresh and zippy.

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