Viva South America!

The World Cup is upon us!

Whilst Brazil wines are good, (and without then wanting to appear negative!) we have tasted several samples over the passed 12 months that are not great! From a wine perspective, the Football World Cup cycle has perhaps come about 4 or 8 years too early for their own wine industry to be competing with their South American cousins in Chile and Argentina.

So rather than jumping on the band wagon and selling OK but not earthy shatteringly good Brazilian wines, we would rather offer you a promotion on our excellent wines from Argentina & Chile… to drink whilst watching the World Cup games (or very tenuous but great … Henry Pellé wines from Menetou Salon in the Loire Valley)!

We have some great offers now running throughout this World Cup month:

Pacifico Sur Sauvignon Merlot – £1.00 off now only £6.95

Emiliana Cabernet Reserva – £1.00 off now only £7.95

Luigi Bosca LA Linda Malbec – £1.00 off now only £7.95

Luigi Bosca Malbec £2.00 off now only £11.95


Viva Brazil, Viva World Cup and Viva all wines from South America!