Liberator Episode 32 Opposites Attract


A bit like buses…wait ages for one Liberator and James orders another! This is the latest in their series and maybe perfect & fun for a romantic night in?

Opposites Attract is a case in point. Here, the Syrah component is represented by the Queen of Hearts, the card of beauty, magnetism, affection and idealism: the much-loved mother, indispensable sister or adored daughter. A sincere and loving woman with a tender heart. For a man, this card is symbolic of his sweetheart or lover, the woman he will marry. The Queen of Hearts should evoke a feeling of unconditional love!

The suitor to the Queen of Hearts is represented by the King of Spades – the Merlot in the blend.  He is an authority of Wisdom and Mastery. The first card in the deck, he was born on the first day of the year and known for his spiritual energy and wisdom.

And what of the token presence of Cabernet Franc…?  A classic case of “Two’s company, three’s a crowd…. ?”

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